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All In One Lip Gloss!
Light- Mirror- Hydrating Lip Gloss

Austin Molnar Stagelight Lip Gloss is made with pure hydrating lip soothing ingredients to help heal dry lips. This All In One Lip Gloss... comes with a Light, Mirror & Hydrating Sheer Ultra Glossy Lip Gloss!

Stagelight Lip Gloss

  • Description

    This All-in-One gives you the tools to apply your favorite lip color anywhere at anytime.

    With lights concealed in the lid that automatically activate when opened, lips are illuminated for a precision, no-mess application. A side panel mirror means you can apply your gloss on the go, you’ll never get caught out looking less than perfect everytime!

    Directions: Open lid, the lights automatically turn on. Ensure lid is closed properly to turn off light .
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